Developing engage3D – Phase 1

A point cloud of Bill Brock rendered with WebGL

I am working with Bill Brock (a PhD student from Tennessee) to develop an open source 3D video conferencing system that we are calling engage3D. We are developing this application as part of Mozilla’s Ignite Challenge.

Check out the video!

During the past few days, Bill and I made some major breakthroughs in terms of functionality. Bill sent me Kinect depth and color data via a server he wrote. We then managed to render that data in the browser (on my side) using WebGL. We are pretty excited about this since we have been hacking away for quite some time!

There has been significant drawbacks to developing this application over commodity internet, I managed to download over 8Gb of data in only one day while experimenting with the code. Hopefully, this will soon be able to be ported to the GENI resources in Chattanooga, TN for further prototyping and testing.

Even though we are still limited to a conventional internet connection, we want to do some research into data compression. Also, we have been struggling with calibrating the Kinect. This is also something we hope to resolve soon.