Date Event Title
November 2018 FSOSS Learning Pixel Shaders through Creative Coding
November 2017 Electric Perfume Introduction to P5.js
November 2011 Polytechnics Canada XB PointStream (Project Presentation)
October 2011 FSOSS XB PointStream: Rendering Point Clouds with WebGL
August 8 2011 SIGGRAPH Sketching with canvas
January 12 2011 MIT IAP Introduction to 3D graphics with OpenGL/WebGL
October 2010 FSOSS Game Development using Processing.js (Workhop)
May 2010 OCE Student Oral Competition
April 2010 WWW2010 Enabling WebGL (Paper Presentation)
August 2009 Polytechnics Canada Canvas 3D JavaScript Library (Project Presentation)
November 2008 Futureplay Canvas 3D JS Library (Poster Presentation)
October 2008 FSOSS Canvas 3D JS Library (Presentation)