Offering Alms

I always found it a bit awkward offering money or food to the needy if they didn’t ask. Will they be insulted? Will they reject my alms? That would be embarrassing. I was feeling terrible for tragedy that struck Haiti, but didn’t see any way I could help. So I decided to do something to help someone closer in proximity. I saw a homeless man and I forced myself to risk the embarrassment of rejection and offered food I had on me. I asked him if he’d like it, and he accepted. I felt like I helped someone out. “Be the change you want to see in the world“. I want to see more people helping one another out, so I tried and did the least I could. Then I was told the homeless guy was a retired law professor. Nice.

My girlfriend sorted our laundry a few days ago since we’ll be washing everything on the weekend. In the process, she gathered some old clothes and set them aside for donations to Value Village. When we arrived home, I realized there is probably a program in place to send donations to Haiti, so we agreed to send the bags of clothing there instead.


DPS909 – week 3 – Google alerts

New technology scares me. I sat looking at Google alerts and poked it a few times, not sure what to make of it. I figured it would bomb my inbox and I’ll never be able to recover. I have about 5KB of inbox space because that’s how much Seneca loves me. That’s okay, I love Seneca regardless.

So, I overcame my fear and decided to experiment with this strange new technology. I decided to get updated once a day on…something. What search term will generate something, but still has insignificant presence on the interweb? Ah yes, me.

So, which category do I fit into?
    * monitoring a developing news story
    * keeping current on a competitor or industry
    * getting the latest on a celebrity or event
    * keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams

Hmm, I like to think of myself as a celebrity, let’s go with that. Why in the world did you just read this? I’m just practicing my blog-fu skills.

I’ll see how Google alerts treats me this week and then try some real searches on “processing.js”? “canvas tag”? “silverlight”?