Reflections on Hackanooga 2012

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in Hackanooga, a 48-hour hackathon in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The event was hosted by Mozilla and US Ignite with the purpose of encouraging and bringing together programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs to hack together demos that make use of Chattanooga’s gigabit network.

We only had two days to hack something together, so I wanted to make my goals simple and realistic. My plan was to set up a server on the gig network, upload dynamic point cloud data to the server and then stream the data back in real-time. In case I got that working, I wanted to try to avoid disk access altogether and stream the data from a Kinect and render it using WebGL.

Before the hacking began, anyone who wasn’t assigned a project had the chance to join one. I was surprised that several developers from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga approached my table to hear more about my project. We quickly formed a group of four and dove right into setting up the server, editing config files, checking out the super-fast gig connection, and making sure our browsers supported WebGL. After a lot of frustration we finally managed to ‘stream’ the dynamic point cloud from the server. Although the data seemed to stream, it took a while to kick in on the client side. It was almost as if the files were being cached on the server before being sent over the wire. This is still something I need to investigate.

Once we had that working, we moved on to the Kinect. We created a c++ server that read the Kinect data and transferred that data to a node server via sockets. The node server then sent the data off to any client connections. My browser was one of the clients rendering the data, however, the rendered point clouds were a mess. One of the applications we wrote had a bug that we didn’t manage to fix in time ): Even though we didn’t manage to hammer out all the issues, I still had a lot of fun working with a team of developers.

Rumor has it that Hackanooga may become a yearly event. I’m already excited (: