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I wanted to learn require.js and pixi.js, so I thought it would be fun to re-create an old favourite game of mine: Nibbles. My clone, Wibbles, uses those two JavaScript libraries.
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I am developing a C++ physics-based iOS game using box2D for physics simulation and Cocos2D-x for rendering. Additionally, I am creating a level editor using Cocos2D-html and DAT.GUI.

shadertoysShader Toys

A small collection of GLSL fragment shaders I have written for fun on ShaderToy.

p5_sketchesProcessing Sketches

A small collection of Processing sketches I have written on OpenProcessing.


Client-related work turned into 1GAM entry. I developed an Asteroids clone in Processing/Processing.js using custom framework tools I created which include Keyboard polling, bitmap sprite font renderer and audio manager.
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A work in progress match-3 game written in Processing
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I began a Tetris clone in Processing for Ludum Dare 26. After LD26, I added several features, fixed bugs, created pixel art, added audio and polished off the project.
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Hello_HanoiHello Hanoi!
I wrote the code and created the art for a simple Objective-C iPhone game for 1GAM.

I developed a real-time, WebRTC Chrome demo that filters a webcam stream through a retro game color palette.
Demo | Source

pjs-crayon_physicsPjs Crayon Physics
I created a HTML5 crayon physics prototype for fun.
Demo | Source
I developed a large portion of Processing.js’ 3D code including the GLSL shaders, WebGL helper functions and template code for my colleagues. I presented Processing.js at SIGGRAPH 2011 along with Cathy Leung and Daniel Hodgin. I am currently developing a .obj loader (pictured) to help conform Processing.js to Processing 2.0.
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XB PointStream

I was the lead developer on XB PointStream, a cross-browser WebGL point cloud (3D image) rendering library. I created a plug-in architecture to accomodate for varying shaders and point cloud file formats. In addition, I wrote several shaders including a fixed-function pipeline shader for real-time lights.
Source | Demos


GladiusJS is a 3D game engine for the web being developed at Mozilla. I’m contributing to the project by developing a game to demonstrate physics and model loading capabilities.


I developed a significant amount of code for the Canvas3D JavaScript Library project—Another 3D game engine for the web. I wrote a COLLADA loader, particle system class, and a scenegraph hierarchy among other components.
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Does My Browser Support WebGL?

I created a simple service that allows anyone to quickly determine if their browser supports webGL.



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