Querying WebGL Commands and Symbols

The Khronos specification is detailed, organized and official. The WebGL Cheat Sheet by Nihilogic is a great quick reference tool. But sometimes I just want to query the WebGL context and get all the raw commands and symbols. This can be very useful and it’s easy:

var gl = document.createElement('canvas').getContext("experimental-webgl");
var symbols= "";
for(currSymbol in gl) {
  symbols += currSymbol + "\n";

symbols will then be filled with the commands and symbols available for your browser:

This of course works for either Minefield, Webkit, but also Chrome. Yeah, CHROME, isn’t that sweetness?


One thought on “Querying WebGL Commands and Symbols

  1. You could also use Chromium’s javascript console by pressing command-alt-j (or the windows alternative), clicking ‘Scripts’ tab, then adding a new watch expression for ‘gl’. At first it may seem like more work, but I always have the console open, so it’s rather simple.

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