Chromium Fails When Trying to Transpose in uniformMatrix

A few weeks ago I updated Chromium, but the update broke my 3D Processing.js sketches. I didn’t have the time to look into it, so I continued using Webkit and Minefield to run my tests. This week I had a chance to check out the problem, so I loaded the C3DL splash page to see if it would render. Interestingly it worked. I then tried Processing.js, but that was still broken. How was it that Chromium rendered C3DL and not Processing.js? I knew there must be some WebGL command somewhere in Processing.js which Chromium didn’t like. I poked around our library for a while but still couldn’t get anything to render. The only thing that seemed to work was changing the background color.

I then thought about checking for any errors WebGL was reporting. I stuck a few alerts in the library:
I started seeing non-zero values. WebGL was reporting error 1280. I converted this to hex (0x500) and ran a search. It turns out the error was because of an INVALID_ENUM. I kept throwing in alerts until I could isolate which command was causing this error.

I eventually found it to be this line:
ctx.uniformMatrix4fv(varLocation, transpose, matrix);
I was passing in true as the second argument and figured that must be causing the problem. I changed it to false and WebGL stopped complaining. Great! Of course nothing rendered. So to work around this problem, I just had to transpose the matrices myself before passing them to WebGL. This didn’t change Minefield or Webkit, they still run fine and now so does Chromium.


One thought on “Chromium Fails When Trying to Transpose in uniformMatrix

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