XB PointStream

In my last post I wrote about an application by Arius3D called Pointstream, which at its core renders millions of surface splats very efficiently.

I’m working with a few other researchers in the Seneca College CDOT lab. We are starting some work on creating a version of their viewer which works on Minefield, Webkit and Chromium using WebGL. I tentatively named the project XB PointStream in hopes that it will one day be totally cross-browser. If IE implements a subset of DirectX, it would fulfill this hope. That way all the major browsers would be able to render Arius3D scans without a plug-in.

We just started the project, so there isn’t much to show unfortunately. But here are some links we’ll be using:
Lighthouse account
Github repository
A temporary website

If anyone thinks of a better name, let us know soon!

The next thing we’ll need to do is flesh out some specifications.

  • What formats to support (PSI, DAE, ..)
  • Maximum wait time to render whole object
  • Shader lighting (I believe Arius3D uses BRDF)
  • User controls
  • etc..

Some of these we can derive from the viewer, but we shouldn’t emulate it entirely. Arius3D wants us to create something generic so other developers facing the same issue would be able to use this tool as well. We will probably have another meeting to figure out some of these details. From there we can begin filing bugs in lighthouse and start hacking.


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