Installing Arius3D PointStream 3DImageSuite Viewer on Windows 7

In my last blog post I wrote I would be starting work on an online version of Arius3D’s point cloud data viewer. To start, I needed to install their viewer. I downloaded the viewer on Windows 7. Then I began installing, but near the end of the installation I received this error message:

3DImageSuite Viewer Error
Error 1925. You do not have sufficient privileges to
complete this installation for all users of the machine.
Log on as an administrator and then retry this installation.

and then another error:
Feature transfer error
Error: -1603 Fatal error during installation.
Consult Windows Installer Help (Msi.chm) or MSDN
for more information.

I logged on as admin, but had the same error. I did some searching and found some hacks involving the registry, but didn’t want to go there. Eventually I just decided to try to run in compatibility mode and see if that would work, and it did.

So to install the viewer:

  1. Right-click on the icon
  2. Click troubleshoot compatibility
  3. Click Try recommended settings
  4. Click Start the program
  5. Click Next on the Program Compatibility window once the InstallShield Wizard appears
  6. Click Next on the InstallSheild window and follow the instructions.

The installation should finish without reporting any errors. Once you start the viewer, you’ll see a pretty butterfly. You can then close the program compatibility.


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